We have included a list of some of our most popular tyres below, if your tyre is not listed give us a call and we will try our hardest to find the right tyre for you!

Michelin Pirelli Metzeler Bridgestone Dunlop Continental

Pilot Power 2CT Angel ST Roadtec 01 S20 Qualifiers Road attack

Road 4 Diablo Interact Z8 BT023 Sportsmart Sport attack

Road 5 Angel GT Interact M5 TW101 GPR300 Trial attack

Power RS Rosso Corsa Sporttec Roadsmart Motion

Diablo Rosso III Racetec

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Here at Just Bikes Motorcycles we pride our self on being able to offer you some of the cheapest tyre prices in Scotland.

All our prices include the supply, removal, re-fit and balancing of your tyres with no hidden extra charges

Tyre Safety:

As a biker the safety of yourself and your pillion should always be your top priority, many bikers overlook a simple 5 minute check-over of their tyres before going out riding. We have included a small list below of what you should be checking before going out on your bike:

  • Check your tyre pressures

  • Give your tyres a visual check before riding them, making sure there are no cracks, punctures or bald spots

  • Ensure that the dust cap is on your tyre valve

  • Make sure you have a least a minimum tread depth of 1 mm over 3/4 of the tyres cross sectional area

and always remember, your safety is paramount

if you are unsure of anything above check with a local, approved workshop before riding